Hand Controls Operate Gas Brake & Steering

Hand Controls

Hand controls can put someone with limited lower mobility back in the driver's seat in a wheelchair van from UsedWheelchairVans.net in North Carolina. Instead of the traditional gas and brake pedal, the driver can use hand controls to control both the speed and brake of the mobility van. A lever is typically mounted below the steering wheel for easy access and control.

Used Wheelchair Van Sales & Service installs hand control systems that are designed to be both user-friendly and safe. No adjustments need to be made to the brake or gas pedal themselves, which allows standard drivers the opportunity to drive when applicable.

Before deciding if hand controls fit your mobility needs make sure to read the following comparison:

Hand Control Types

  • Push/rock style - When the driver pushes the handle forward the vehicle will brake and when the lever is rocked back it will accelerate. Persons with no finger dexterity can operate this model.
  • Push/right angle style - Allows the driver to push the handle upward towards the instrument panel to brake and downward at a right angle to accelerate. This method is operable for persons with limited finger dexterity.
  • Push/pull style - By pushing the lever forward on the handle the vehicle's brakes will engage and when it is pulled backwards the vehicle will accelerate. A three-post hand interface can be installed to allow the user to maintain contact with the handle giving the driver greater control. This operation model is persons with limited finger dexterity friendly.
  • Push/rotate style - The driver pushing the handle forward causes the vehicle to brake and when the lever is twisted the vehicle will accelerate. Full or limited finger function is required for this type of control.

Hand controls installed starting at $1,320.00

Hand Controls Installed $1,320.00
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